AutoCAD Drafting & Modeling

Plan, Design & Create Smarter Networks

AutoCAD Cable management and electrical design software with the capabilities to cover any cable plant layout and design.

Plan, design, and create your electrical installations more innovatively using AutoCAD Drafting & Modelling. AutoCAD enables you to plan, design and document your electrical systems with incredible speed and accuracy. Determine cable routes, plan installation and track your cables to improve communication.

Complete Power Distribution Visualization

Detailed Drafting &
Modelling Of Your IT Network Infrastructure

Power management and monitoring for IT infrastructure. Automatically collect and visualize critical power information from servers, UPSs, input/output devices and PDUs using Stratus51 AutoCAD Drafting & Modelling Software. This new plug-in allows you to monitor the performance of selected items, identify issues before they happen, simplify troubleshooting, and eliminate time-consuming manual data entry. With less hands-on time configuring this plug-in aided by an automated data collection process, you have more time to stay on top of your power management efforts.


AutoCAD Drafting & Modelling can quickly visualize all your electrical and civil data circuits from end to end. Easily document and understand every node in your network to identify single points of failure and decrease troubleshooting time.

Automatically document the complete network of all your data circuits, identify single points of failure and decrease troubleshooting time.

Network & Data Circuits
3D Cable Connectivity

3D Visualization of Your Datacenter's Structured Cabling

Discover how your assets are connected at the power and data port level with our interactive floor plans, quickly isolate the connected cabinets and zoom in to view the devices inside. With our intuitive interface, you can choose the best match for your network design by selecting either patch cord, structured cabling, or distribution cabling colours to match what you use in your data center.

Easily Manage Your Structured Cabling Data

Your structured cabling is the foundation of your data center infrastructure, and its condition directly impacts how smoothly and efficiently your network operates. Along with ensuring your cables are updated and can support your network, it's essential to track their attributes. How much copper or fiber is in use, what types, and how long are they? This is where our structured cabling AutoCAD solution comes in – make sure you can quickly go from Point A to Point B by managing your structured cabling in bulk.

Structured Cabling Data
Measurement graph

Measure More Accurately & Troubleshoot Faster

The AutoCAD tool allows you to measure more accurately and configure the distance from cables, conduits, or equipment to the floor. The technician can view cable tray layers and provide measurement data and instructions in work orders to source new equipment and associated circuits. They can also grasp distances between items automatically.

AutoCAD Drafting & Modelling is a powerful design tool used by anyone in the field involved with the planning and installation of electrical and communication rooms, cabinets, raceways and cable trays.

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