Wireless Heatmapping

WiFi Site Survey Tool

WiFi Heatmaps simplifies WiFi planning and site surveys. It makes it simple to build, evaluate, and discover WiFi issues, as well as generate reports. Quickly capture signal information with the tap of a button, or create more comprehensive surveys by adding custom data collection points.

Acrylic WiFi Heat Maps are data analysis softwares that enable heat mapping of traffic and device features across your entire WiFi network. It operates by designating places (buildings, floors, inner perimeter, and outside perimeter) that are related with plans or a specific geographic region. By performing WiFi measurements, the system captures WiFi traffic and stores device details, signal level, and other relevant data in order to create maps with detailed coverage for each access point and to automatically generate editable reports with a diagnosis of the network situation and advice on how to improve it. Acrylic WiFi Heat Mapping is an IoT solution for improving your WiFi Network and Signals.

Design and Planning

With the WiFi Heat Map Design and Planning tool, you can design wireless networks from scratch. You can also calculate how many access points are needed, where to place them and how many people will connect to your network at any given time. This predictive simulator helps ensures that your internet experience is fast and seamless.

WiFi Quality Analysis

WiFi Heatmaps are a great way to visualize the performance of your wireless network. These heatmaps give real-time information about the strength of your wireless signals and this helps you identify hot spots, dead zones and everything in between. Wireless heat maps provide a high-level overview of your entire wireless deployment so that you can easily determine which areas need improvement before fine-tuning your infrastructure with more detailed tools.

WiFi Site Survey

The Acrylic WiFi Heatmap design and planning tool examines an existing WiFi infrastructure. Signal coverage and quality are studied automatically. A heat map of signal quality is generated. This information is used to create a network topology based on receiver location data. Various distinct parameters are displayed through charts, tables, and other visual representations that help you understand the overall WiFi performance of your environment.

Generate Reports

Acrylic WiFi Heat Map Report Generator is an automatic report generator that creates editable reports of wireless survey data. It allows you to create an executive report at a high level, with just a few clicks. Or you can produce highly detailed technical reports, including network measurements, heat maps and more. You can also save heat maps and measurements in RAW format (csv) for use with external tools.

WiFi network design and planning from the ground up

The design of the wireless network should be based on the coverage and performance required, ensuring that all the areas of a building where users access the Internet are correctly covered and receive a good strength signal from all the available access points. After an identification of each location for installation of access points we will stress test each access point in real world conditions to determine which is best suited for this task. Finally at the end of this process all your network equipment will be ready for deployment, tested and ready to rock!

Design and planning

Design and planning

Multiple materials to adjust the blueprint to reality.

Multiple materials and building techniques allow your design to be easily adjusted to make it as realistic as possible.

Select the access point in 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz. VVT

Choose the access point in 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz. VVT

Configure antenna type and propagation wave.

Configure antenna type, specify the installation location and enter the waveform to improve the reception.

Orients and positions access points in plane.

Orients and arranges access points to produce the best network possible.

View the coverage heat maps of the simulation wifi.

View a heat map of your wireless coverage and identify where WiFi coverage is weak or missing.

Stratus51 Site Survey software

Design and planning

Indoor and outdoor WiFi survey done by online blueprint calibration.

Multiple materials to adjust the blueprint to reality.

Easiest and most powerful WiFi Survey Software for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi channels.

Select the access point in 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz. VVT

High-resolution display of WiFi coverage and heatmaps.

Configure antenna type and propagation wave.

Create different visualizations, including heat maps in 3D to pinpoint your wireless problems.

Orients and positions access points in plane.

Quickly analyze your WiFi signal and network coverage remotely.

View the coverage heat maps of the simulation wifi.

Conduct active and passive WiFi site surveys.

Evaluate Your WiFi Coverage
- WiFi Heatmapping SITE SURVEY

Acrylic WiFi Heatmaps is a site survey tool that allows you to visually present your wireless network performance graphically. It evaluates the correct deployment of any 802.11ax, 802.11ac, and 802.11n WiFi network by giving you a visual representation of signal level (RSSI), SNR, AP coverage and more. This can be very useful in reducing stress on your IT team when troubleshooting issues that may occur in your network by having all the necessary information presented to them in an easy way as well as having a visual reference of where they should focus their attention.

WiFi Signal Quality

A professional wireless survey tool that will help you optimize your WiFi network, allowing you to identify problems and deficiencies in connection quality, as well as define the necessary changes to solve them through profiles oriented to your needs of use.

The WiFi Quality Tool allows you to create new profiles by selecting from a list of predefined applications. Each of these predefined applications contains several settings: WiFi, network data transfer and VoIP quality. You can also define additional settings required for your specific use case or test environments.

You can use the Quality tool to test your Wireless network and benchmark its performance. This is particularly important if you have recently upgraded, added or switched provider or if you have moved to a new location. WiFi Survey Tool provides insights on signal strength, channel quality, network performance and many other capabilities, so you can know exactly what 'Your WiFi' can deliver.

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