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The Rise of Smarter, More Connected Buildings and Cities

The rise of smart cities will create new opportunities for businesses across many industries. Data collected from smart devices and the technology used will improve the lives of people and companies. These improvements are sometimes referred to as the Internet of Things, or IoT. As cities begin to upgrade their infrastructure and collect data from smart devices, companies will have new opportunities for finding insights that improve lives and business.We aim to make Ottawa the most business-friendly city in the world, where innovation and technology are driving economic development. By harnessing the power of IoT and modern day technologies, we are making Ottawa a center of growth, innovation and high-impact business creation.

We help you harness the power of technology and data to drive smarter decisions and develop solutions that help you achieve greater efficiency, sustainability and better returns. From smart buildings to advanced infrastructure, our smart solutions provide attractive opportunities for accelerating your efforts towards better urban planning, improved energy efficiency and sustainable resource use.

Unlock the power of your building and infrastructure data

Stratus 51 helps you proactively monitor your business, assets and data. With real-time analytics through our all-in-one converged network dashboard.

Our industry-leading building analytics platform unlocks the power of your existing buildings and infrastructure data. Connect your existing data sources, from facility building management systems, and unlock long-term value with room tours, business intelligence and predictive maintenance. Discover new ways to improve energy efficiency, fire safety and operations performance at your facilities—all powered by innovative AI.

Transform the power of your building data to make strategic decisions. Measure performance and improve operations with actionable insights. Access the data you need to make informed decisions, no matter where you do business.

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Single source of truth

Converged Networks and Dashboard

Innovative, real-time management and monitoring tool for comprehensive visibility into your networks and endpoints.

Drive data-led decisions

Make data-led decisions

Analyze your network traffic and gain visibility into your converged network. Make data-led decisions and discover trends and patterns in your IoT data so that you have a better understanding about where to invest in the future of your business.

Increase and protect revenue

Increase Productivity and Protect Revenue

One of the most important ways to increase revenue is by boosting productivity. Understanding how your organization’s connected devices are used can help you gain crucial insights on how to make improvements, which increases employee productivity and ultimately boosts your organization’s overall profit.

Reduce costs

Reduce your costs

Reduce your costs and increase energy savings by optimizing your existing infrastructure with advanced IoT monitoring. Improve operations with predictive maintenance, while reducing environmental impact and risk through data analytics.

Improve management or risk and compliance

Reduce Risks and Improve Compliance

The ability to monitor real-time and historical information about your overall equipment usage helps you implement policies and procedures that help achieve your organization’s goals, including regulatory compliance. With our IoT Monitoring Dashboard, you can stay on top of things like energy use and equipment uptime 24/7 from any location by viewing critical information through a dashboard or even an app on your smartphone.

We have the best industry partners, so you have the best technologies for your infrastructure.

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Stratus51 IoT Monitoring

Monitor IoT performance and availability for distributed device fleets

IoT Monitoring Dashboard

Dealing with a large amount of data is nothing new for businesses with extensive networks. Unfortunately, the same degree of network may cause a brief lapse in the continuity of data flows if scattered across various platforms and locations. In order to overcome this issue, the creation of an IoT network can be implemented.

With Stratus51 you get an insight into your IoT devices and the health of your entire network. We provide you with a dashboard that gives you all the required information in one place. This gives you complete visibility into all aspects of your network so that you can quickly identify areas for improvement. Join now and start on the path to a more reliable, stable and healthy network today.

Reliable alerting for IoT devices

Aggregate and analyze IoT data from every device

Easily correlate and understand your data to identify problem areas, improve KPIs, and make informed decisions. The heatmap tool from Stratus51 gives you a detailed view of your IoT devices with tags that apply to all telemetry data.

Get a full-color overview of your entire IoT network, including devices and metrics. Tag and organize for a more detailed view of the performance, and better understand how to leverage your data for better business decisions.

Stratus51 provides a completely hosted SaaS platform that requires just minutes of configuration to start monitoring IoT devices in production. Our solution is designed around the needs of our customers, which you can see from the real-time dashboards, logs, and alerts that comprise a whole infrastructure. This makes it easier for you to track IoT device health, manage alerts and notifications about issues, and quickly configure a customized dashboard to monitor your devices.

IoT monitoring. For any device. Anywhere.

Access Device Health and Business Level IoT Metrics

Collect, analyze, and display critical business metrics from your devices with Stratus51. You may start collecting and analyzing vital business metrics on the same platform you use to monitor IoT devices, distributed apps, and the rest of your IT infrastructure. Get actionable insights such as device uptime reports, alerts when health indicators drop beneath defined thresholds, failure rate trend analysis, performance regressions trending over time—and much more.

Aggregate and analyze IoT data from every device

Accurate and Reliable IoT Reporting

Get actionable insights on your IoT projects to help you improve efficiency and ROI with Stratus51's IoT Dashboard. Accurate and reliable IOT analytics reporting helps you build on what is working while identifying areas for improvement or changes in behavior.
Our platform of IoT monitoring solutions enables the intelligent, adaptive creation of alerts and anomaly detection so that devices are monitored based on their risk factors. This means less unnecessary notifications to technicians and more opportunity for preventive maintenance avoiding downtime.

Monitor business-level IoT metrics alongside device health

IoT monitoring. For any device. Anywhere.

Stratus51 is the enterprise-grade software platform for IoT. Based on years of monitoring experience, and built on top of our high-performance data collection engine, Stratus51 gives you total visibility into your fleets of devices. We collect metrics, distributed traces, logs, and more on every device for comprehensive monitoring and analytics. Access your essential business data from any device, from anywhere.

The Stratus51 converged network dashboard monitors your IoT fleet, enabling you to leverage centralized visibility over a diverse set of operational data. With our solutions and integrations for IoT Monitoring, you can access your data quickly, easily and securely with one user-friendly interface. Using Stratus51 will help businesses meet compliance standards while maintaining efficiency.

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Receive, verify, and act on data at every stage of a project or real estate asset

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Transform your infrastructure network


Stratus51 and DNSnetworks are on a new journey as a joint company to bring customers an end to end solution, from ground to cloud powered by decades of experience.

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