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Uncompromised Video Surveillance

As your business grows, ensure that your security system doesn't become a new obstacle. Don't get locked in with legacy systems with contracts that you can't escape from. Some providers lack the features and capabilities you need to protect your properties, people, and assets effectively.

Stratus51's complete video management system offers a unique cloud-based platform that allows you to choose the best camera for your application and gives you the ability to manage your camera from anywhere in the world. The flexible, scalable and reliable cloud solution makes monitoring and recording easy by eliminating the need for on-site servers and infrastructure.



Upgrade to a cloud-based VMS system to record, store and manage your surveillance footage and data

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Reinforce your physical security initiatives with cost-efficient cloud-based video

Stratus51 Cloud Surveillance is a cloud-based service that allows you to manage and monitor multiple sites from any PC or mobile device. You can view live and recorded video, set up alerts and recordings, create custom views, and control access to your cameras directly from our web browser. Cloud Surveillance is flexible, cost-effective, and easy to install and manage on any commercial internet connection.

Stratus51 Cloud Surveillance Video Management Software is a web-based application that makes it easy for you to manage your video surveillance system. Easily find any piece of information about your cameras, live or recorded video, or system activities in a single place. You can view all of this from devices of your choice—phones, tablets and PCs—at any time of day or night.

Why choose cloud surveillance?

A Seamless Experience

Whether you're thinking of a single building to an entire global network, our video surveillance solutions enable you to manage surveillance video footage, security analytics, access control and much more– all through a single IoT dashboard.

Designed with Security in Mind

Cyber-threats constantly shift and evolve. By staying current with the latest technology and security, you can be confident that your network is adequate to battle any cyber intruder. Our cloud surveillance platform is updated constantly with automatic updates, bug fixes and patches so that you're always protected from the newest cyber threats.

Open Architecture

Maintaining an open architecture allows us to partner with leading manufacturers, giving you the flexibility of selecting the devices you prefer to utilize for your business. With almost any device you want to use, our technology can connect it with our cloud platform through a simple plug-and-play solution, opening up endless possibilities of adding more devices while keeping things simple and scalable.

Easy Integrations

Stratus51's surveillance systems are cloud-based and open to integration with many other security systems. This allows us to have a fully integrated, cohesive security solution for our clients.

Supported Devices

Mobotix Vivotem Bosch Axis Communication Hanwha Techwin Wavestore


Keep your inventory secure, reduce costs and improve efficiency

Whether you're thinking of a single building to an entire global network, our video surveillance solutions enable you to manage surveillance video footage, security analytics, access control and much more– all through a single IoT dashboard.

Banking & Financial

Managing your bank has never been easier

It is important to move away from legacy systems used by most banks. Traditional siloed approaches have not adapted to the evolution of cyber threats and customer expectations. Banks are adopting a more converged network approach for their security initiatives with Cloud-based Video Management System to grasp their situations better. Choose Stratus51 and ensure constant expert level of security without worrying about managing the equipment.

Multi-site & Campuses

Maintain the security of your campuses and visitors, no matter where they are

When it comes to securing your business, the struggle is real. In today' world of digital technology and devices, an organization may have conflicting security systems and technologies at different locations. Without a way to view, manage and control all systems in one place, monitoring becomes costly and inefficient. Cloud-based surveillance can eliminate the need for costly hardware and infrastructure while providing you with an efficient way to monitor the entire configuration from one converged network view.

Community Hivemind

Improve public safety with the support of the community

Community Hivemind is the idea of taking urban security to the next level by engaging with both public and private organizations. Members of local communities can work towards common objectives that aim to improve public safety and the economy. The more people involved, the more robust and effective our collective intelligence becomes.

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Stratus51 Cloud Surveillance enables you to keep tabs on assets and employees from anywhere. With an integrated, cloud-based security system, you can see a full picture of your organization's security at any time. It's simple, effective, and affordable - so you can focus on the big picture, not just the bottom line.

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