Telecommunication Networks

Newtork Architecture & Design Services

We will design and architect your network to be cost-effective, reliable, and scalable by balancing your budget with the latest network protocols and hardware vendors. We specialize in helping companies overcome obstacles to the smooth running of their infrastructure and application services.

Networks are typically designed to meet the business needs of an organization. The design process is focused on translating a broad, abstract set of business requirements into specific technological goals and constraints. The network designers must thoroughly understand and specify needs assessment before any design work begins. They should also collaborate and work closely with other stakeholders such as project managers, line managers and end users.

Stratus51's network architecture team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients by integrating business requirements and client input into their solutions. The network architecture team at Stratus51 deals with the problem of collecting and identifying network requirements. Network architecture is typically described as the networking industry's meeting point for business and technology.

We use a multi-disciplined approach to solving design problems, drawing on expertise from all of our IT specialists, including network architects and engineers, who can work in collaboration with us in a way that ensures optimal use of resources. Our key objective as a network design and architecture firm is to ensure that your business needs are met.

Our network design services provide an overall strategy and a detailed road map to achieve your networking goals. From initial idea to successful implementation, we can create a design optimized for your specific network requirements. Our commitment to creating verified network designs across numerous suppliers distinguishes us from many other organizations.Whether designing for a corporate, data center or service provider environment, our network architects are adept at handling architectural challenges. They are at home with the technologies in use today and see the big picture when creating networks to meet your present and future needs.

Our network engineers can help you assess your current network and plan for future growth. Whether your business is planning for rapid growth or if you need to design a network for redundancy, we will be able to model the trajectory of the program or platform that you are developing and help you prepare for optimum scale.

Design a network infrastructure that meets your unique application needs
and ensure it runs smoothly and reliably

Network Build Requirements

Develop and define business and technology goals that align with the organization's overall strategy for growth. Stratus51 will help you customize a network infrastructure recommendation to meet those goals.

Network Designs

Our multi-vendor network design library will give you access to a vast array of pre-existing solutions that can be customized and tailored to your specific build requirements.

Network Blueprints

Our network blueprints are as detailed as you need them to be. They include drawings of every server, VM, network switch and more in your infrastructure—all organized by layers so you can identify where everything is and where it needs to go based on its role.

New Network Design

A virtual and physical lab allows us to experiment with different designs and scenarios to find the optimal solution

Empowering Your Network: How Stratus51 Will Benefit Your Business

The Stratus51 team has a proven track record of assisting clients with network requirement modifications, large or small, in terms of size, profitability and experience. Our ability to comprehend and deliver on your business and technical requirements in a brief period is unrivalled. Our experience with tiny entrepreneurial start-ups, major worldwide corporations and everything in between make us an ideal fit for your company.

Founded on the principle that simple is better, Stratus51 designs, implements, and maintains networks that increase productivity and lower costs. We deliver customized solutions tuned to your company's unique requirements and help you get the most out of your IT investments.

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