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Business VoIP is a cost-effective method of placing calls. Businesses across all industries are taking advantage of this cost control to reduce expenses and gain a competitive edge. As you begin your journey into IP trunking, ask yourself the following questions: Are you a multi-office company with branch offices in different geographical locations? Do you want to be able to monitor and manage pricing? Would it help the bottom line if your employees could use their own devices on the road?

IP Trunking is best for:

Businesses that would like to streamline and have better control over their costs.

Businesses that simultaneously process a high volume of VoIP calls, such as call centres and emergency operations.

Businesses are looking to level up their infrastructures. Make the most of your converged Wide Area Network (WAN).

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What is VoIP Trunking?

VoIP Trunking, or IP trunking, is a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology that lets businesses control voice data through networks. Unlike traditional phone lines, which require dedicated circuits for each call and can't handle large volumes of calls, IP Trunking can run thousands of concurrent calls on a single connection. It's highly scalable, meaning you don't need to buy new equipment when your business grows. It lets you keep expenses under control by requiring only one IP address for every employee instead of multiple lines for each person. Because calls are safely routed through our network as high-priority data, your customers will hear crystal clear audio even when other data traffic is congested on the network.

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Why is it useful?

IP Trunking is a powerful, flexible and reliable business network solution that delivers advanced features that can improve the quality and performance of your communications. When paired with unified communications and collaboration solutions, IP Trunking provides enterprises with the latest collaborative capabilities, including mobility for employees anywhere in the world, video conferencing for meetings, and fast data transfer between locations.

IP Trunking is a powerful way to connect your business to the outside world. With this technology, you can connect multiple sites and locations into one large seamless network that interconnects with other distant places. In addition, IP trunking turns voice communications into data traffic for improved collaboration opportunities that include mobility and video conferencing.

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