Sound Masking


Sound masking systems are used to create a uniform background sound throughout an open office workspace. By using high quality loudspeakers and electronic equipment, we can design an individualized system specific to your needs and volume requirements. This will ensure that everyone in your office is able to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable work environment while still hearing each other clearly.

Employees don’t need to hear every conversation and phone call happening in the office, but they do need to be able to concentrate on their work. With sound masking, employees are less distracted and can concentrate better, resulting in improved productivity.

Adaptive Volume Control

Sound Masking | Acoustic Comfort with Adaptive Control

Real-Time Adaptive Adjustment of Masking Sound Volume Based on Ambient Noise Level

At Work, productivity is essential for success. But so is quiet - every workspace needs to be soundproofed. Our Stratus51 product is designed to meet this challenge with three levels of masking sound, adapted according to the activity of your employees. It generates a natural soundscape that mutes distractions, giving coworkers the space they need to focus on their tasks.

Adaptive Volume Control
Automatic Equalization

Automatic Equalization

Sound Masking | Automatic Equalization

Effective Sound Masking at All Times

A sound masking system can fail to provide adequate sound masking if its characteristics are not suited to the actual room conditions. Elements such as size of room, type of ceiling and wall coverings have a direct impact on the propagation of sound. For example, in offices with open plan designs, where there is little use of acoustically absorbent materials, it can be difficult to find effective solutions that do not interfere too much with conversation or make people tired due to high background noise levels.

In order to mask the sounds of activities that may be interfering with concentration and productivity, we use a sound masking technology that adapts to characteristics specific to each environment, including background noise levels. By measuring the acoustic response and background noise in the space, it automatically calculates the noise spectrum that must be used to emit a soft, uniform, and non-disruptive masking noise.

Adaptive Volume Control

Rapid Calibration, Accurate Results

With Stratus51, a masking zone can be completely calibrated quickly, thanks to our automatic calibration process. The user no longer needs to manually place the microphone to evaluate sound masking. Thanks to the use of automated systems, you save time and money in calibration operations and increase the reliability of results.

From 1/3 octave bands to 340 narrow bands of the spectrum, this automatic adjustment provides frequency analysis of sound masking. This system is quick and precise to provide an unparalleled regular smooth and comfortable masking spectrum.

Calibration is an essential procedure for the operator who wants to obtain sound masks of high quality. The integrated frequency analyzer provides this valuable information, such as whether the masking generated is in complete conformity with the desired sound spectrum, if levels are suitable and if there are any issues with frequency balance or stereo distribution.

Automatic Equalization

Network Capabilities

Sound Masking | Designed for The Modern Workplace

Wired and/or Wifi Networked Sound Masking System

Our sound masking systems are designed for today’s open office environments and workspaces. The delivery of sound directed toward a listening area is achieved through recessing speakers into the ceiling, wall or floor. The sound can be controlled locally at the sound source or remotely from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Sound masking is an essential part of workplace acoustical design. Whether you prefer a wired or wireless solution or both, we have the tools and expertise to put together a custom sound masking system that perfectly complements your needs.

Additional Technology

Stratus51 Exclusive Features

Stratus51 Exclusive Features

  • 1- Media control
  • 2- WIFI
  • 3- PA & Music
  • 4- Individual speaker control
  • 5- Gentle ramp-up
  • 6- Scheduling
  • 7- Automation
Automatic Equalization
Automatic Equalization

Employee Productivity

Sound Masking | Optimize Your Team's Productivity

Sound masking creates a subtle, pleasant sound that masks background noise to increase productivity in any open-plan environment. Helping to reduce the effect of hearing unwanted conversations, this masking system helps create a more productive workspace by creating more personal space for employees.

Sound masking systems use a combination of sound sources strategically placed in the workplace to help provide a controlled and predictable sound environment.

Employee Privacy

Stratus51 Sound Masking | Keep Your Conversations Private

Sound masking is an effective and economical solution to privacy, noise control and confidentiality. Sound masking can bring added value to your business by ensuring that confidential conversations and meetings won't be overheard by others.

Sound masking systems can be installed at a fraction of the cost of replacement and provide a professional, confidential solution that your staff will appreciate. Our systems are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, with lower noise levels than traditional background music systems. They support both active and passive attention, ensuring that speakers are heard but their conversations aren't distracting to others.

Automatic Equalization

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Our advanced sound masking technology will help you increase productivity in your workspace by reducing noisy distractions and providing opportunities for privacy and focus. A comfortable office positively impacts employee mood, drive and performance.