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Stratus51 helps our customers build and maintain resilient IT & Security solutions that are not only innovative, but also cost-effective. Our team of Networking & Security experts is built from the ground up to ensure that any project we take on meets your needs. With experience working for Ansible, Puppet, Capital One and the Department of Defense, we have years of combined experience in the Structured Cabling, Telecom and Physical Security Industry. We can help you increase your trust and confidence in your business’ security while simultaneously improving the way you manage your traffic across servers and cloud infrastructures.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our clients transform their organizations' infrastructures into networks that are connected and safe. We create smarter infrastructures through innovation.

We provide industry-leading structured cabling, networking, IoT and Physical Security solutions and are located in Ottawa.

From our humble beginnings as a small business doing work in telecommunications and network management, we began to expand our offerings as we realized more and more businesses were looking for help with their physical security needs as well as their network infrastructure. Over time, we've grown from a small startup into one of the premier providers of structured cabling services, cloud management services and physical security solutions in Canada.

Stratus51 was proudly founded by the folks at DNSnetworks, the #1 Managed IT Services provider in Ottawa.


Shawn Ebbs


Kevin Conroy


Aleks Slawecki

VP Business Development

James Richardson

Director of Operations

Wes Porteous

Senior Manager, Strategic Operations & Projects

Dan Lyall

Operation Manager

Micheal Latour-Faubert

Quality Control QA/QC

Mario Bornais

Senior Security & Cable Technician

Eric Desjardins

Senior Security & Cable Technician

Dave Adams

Senior Security & Cable Technician

Scott Cossaboom

Senior Security & Cable Technician

Michael Pierre

Senior Cable Technician

Jacob Bourgeau

Senior Cable Technician

Michael Hayes

Cable Technician

Emily Patterson

Office Manager

Guillaume Billette

Procurement & Billing Coordinator

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